GoSTEAM@Tech is an educational collaborative based at Georgia Tech to create sustainable, school-based initiatives that integrate the arts and music into Computer Science, Engineering, and Invention & Entrepreneurship education in authentic and compelling ways. STEM and art/music teachers are paired throughout the year with Innovators in Residence and GoSTEAM coaches to engage students in creative STEAM-focused experiences and to promote vertical teaming between schools, universities and the community. The ultimate goal of GoSTEAM is to create and disseminate thoroughly assessed preK-12 interventions that authentically integrate the arts into the technical fields of engineering and computer science and that promote deep learning in both fields.

Are your students ready to choose the “next” great instrument?

The Guthman Competition, sometimes described as the jam session of the future or the “X-Prize for music”, features the next generation of music technologists sharing their latest and greatest instrument inventions.  Normally, this competition is judged by professionals in the industry, however due to this year’s virtual pivot – your students have the opportunity to help choose the winners.  There is no prior knowledge needed, just the curiosity to see the most innovative instruments in music to date.